Pista - Super Delight - Fancy Slub Wash & Wear

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"Super Delight" By Faateh is an exclusive slub design Wash & wear fabric that has an impeccably soft feel and is incredibly light. This textured fabric with a soft and comfortable feel is an excellent addition to your wardrobe. As the fabric comprises poly-viscose, one of its masterly qualities is that it drapes miraculously well, making it highly durable to wear in all conditions.

Key Features

  • Wrinkle-Resistant 
  • Smooth & Soft Feel
  • Slub Design Fabric
  • Blended / Wash & Wear

 Size:   4 Meters

Packaging:   Bag, Buttons & Brand Tag

Season:   All Season (In Moderate Weather)

Fabric:   Blended / Wash & Wear

Dying:   Solid Dye

Finishing:   Soft Finishing

*Note: Fabric color will vary 5% to 10% from the actual image of the product. Additionally, Each mobile brand will also differ in the shade of fabric.