Classic Cotton

Our Exclusive Classic Cotton is distinctively woven to accumulate all cotton fiber advantages with a soft and fresh feel. A definite choice for summer.

Alamger Latha

Finished with perfect smoothness, Alamger is a superfine, semi-stiff Lattha Collection that paints a distinguished and dignified picture of grace in the warm season.

Nayab Boski
Chamak Cotton

Chamak Cotton is shiny and semi-stiff cotton with a beautiful drape. Choice of the gentleman with semi-stiff touch, light feel, and beautiful shine. Chamak Cotton is a smart solution for daily and leisure use.

Italian Cotton

Made with superfine Giza Egyptian cotton.

Choice of gentlemen with semi-stiff touch, light feel, and beautiful shine.

American Cotton

American cotton has a reputation for being the best in the world for its softness, purity, and ability to absorb. American Cotton Collection is made of high-quality yarn ensuring it is lightweight, breathable, and premium for a perfect festive attire.

Sultan Latha

Sultan Latha by Faateh is a superior quality soft Latha that resonates distinction, class, and elegance.


Lightweight blended fabric for all-day comfort with confidence. Light and airy wash n' wear fabric for summers. Wear with style, confidence, and comfort. Experience the absolute brilliance of the blended collection "Andalus"


From the latest winter collection, Wajdaan stands out as it is an impeccable fabric. It is a tri-blend of the fine fibers of acrylic, viscose, and polyester. This unique blend is what makes Wajdaan a top-notch fabric and gives a warm yet wintry and stylish look.

Japanese Boski

JapaneseBoski by Faateh a Premium QualityBoski Feel Wash and Wear Unstitched Fabric for Men. Its Soft and Luxurious Drape with Beautiful Colors Is Suitable for All Weathers.


"Hatim" is our Premium Wash & Wear Along with an Elegant & Graceful Men Unstitched Fabric for All Season. Finest Composition of threads are Being Used in Raw Material to Give You Extra Ordinary Feel & Comfort in Fabric.