Paragon Suiting - Premium Winter Fabric - Coral Pink

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Introducing Paragon Suiting, This fabric is an excellent choice with a special property that sets it apart from typical winter fabrics. It's a lightweight fabric that keeps your body warmer compared to traditional winter fabrics while being lighter in weight. One of the key advantages of this fabric is its ability to keep you warm during the cold months without adding bulk to your clothing. It's an excellent choice for those who prefer to stay cozy without the heaviness of traditional winter materials.

Key Features

  • Light Weight
  • Ideal for Medium Winter
  • Beautiful Texture

Size: 4 Meters

Packaging: Box, Buttons & Brand Tag

Season: Winter

Fabric: Premium High Tech Fabric

Dying: Solid Dye

Finishing: Semi-Soft Crisp Finish

Faateh Guarantee

  • No Burr on Fabric
  • No Color Fading
  • No Shrink

*Note: Fabric color will vary from 5% to 10% from the actual image of the product. Additionally, Each mobile brand will also differ in the fabric's color.